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School Tennis

Representatives from the USTA North Carolina teach PE teachers fun tennis games and activities to use with people of all ages. The teachers are taught how to safely introduce the lifetime sport to their students without tennis courts or a large amount of equipment. It is a very active program in which the teachers participate in all of the games and drills.


USTA School Tennis

Fun, safe, easy, no courts required!

USTA School Tennis provides in-school and extracurricular programming (Kids Tennis clubs – see below) for students in grades K-12. The primary goals of the program are a positive first-time experience, perceived competence, fun and fitness. Another important element is to help schools meet their health and wellness requirements. The program offers training, curriculum materials, access to major discounts on kid-friendly equipment and staff support.



2014 Kids Tennis Club Equipment Grant

The grant is a one-time grant worth up to $250.00 for Elementary Schools that organize a Kids Tennis Club.  The USTA North Carolina Schools, Partnerships and growth Committee will make final decision on grants that are submitted.  The school will determine the tennis equipment that it would like the USTA North Carolina to purchase.

2014 USTA North Carolina Skillastics Grant

Each PE teacher (1 per school) that attends, or has attended, a school tennis in-service and has USTA organizational membership, is eligible to apply for a skillastics kit grant.



  • Free three-hour teacher workshops designed to show physical educators and extracurricular program leaders how to conduct a quality tennis unit and activities for a Kids Tennis Club.
  • The workshop also includes class management techniques, basic tennis skills, station activities, supervised play formats and Tennis Skillastics activities.
  • Workshop attendees will receive a certificate of attendance and a participant guide.
  • The School/After school tennis workshop often meets school district requirements for continuing education credits.



  • The USTA School Tennis curriculum kit was designed in collaboration with Dr. Robert Pangrazi.
  • The curriculum kit includes eight lesson plans based on NASPE standards, as well as, an instructional DVD and a CD with station signs and a teacher’s handbook.
  • The lesson plans and activities were created for teaching tennis without tennis courts.


Additional resources

  • P.E. teachers and Kids Tennis Club leaders who register their program on the free USTA School Tennis Registry will receive a Kids Tennis Club playbook, customizable flyers and posters and a gift. To access the School Tennis Registry, click here.
  • Schools that join USTA as an organizational member (only $35 per year) receive the School Tennis curriculum kit, laminated station signs and discounts on tennis equipment and Tennis Skillastics. To sign up your school, click here and select "Schools".
  • For details about the levels of support that USTA offers to schools, click here.


Kids Tennis Clubs

  • Provides play and learning opportunities for tennis beyond the P.E. class.
  • Allows students to develop a love of the game that will last a lifetime.
  • The play area can be a gym, blacktop or multi-purpose room.
  • Kids Tennis Clubs can be located at a school, park and recreation center or tennis facility.
  • To sign up your Kids Tennis Club, click here.
  • To order merchandise for your Kids Tennis Club, click here.


High school and middle school No-cut Tennis teams

  • Allows students of all abilities to be a member of a team representing their school.
  • Creates well-rounded student athletes, develops leadership and teaches responsibility.
  • A positive experience on a no-cut team encourages students to participate in tennis beyond high school.
  • No-cut coaches are eligible for Sectional and National awards.
  • For more information about all of the benefits of no-cut teams, click here.
  • If you are ready to sign up as a no-cut coach, click here.

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For more information about bringing USTA School Tennis to your school district, please contact Robert Hogewood at (336) 852-8577 or robert@nctennis.com for more information on grants