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Janet Moseley Named USTA North Carolina Tennis Star

Congratulations to Janet Moseley, our USTA North Carolina Tennis Star for the month of August!

Janet Moseley started her tennis career in a beginners class she joined while attending college. After a few sessions with the beginners, Janet began hitting the courts more regularly and started signing-up for tournaments. It didn't take her long to become hooked on the sport, and now you'd be hard-pressed to find a bigger tennis supporter than Janet.

Janet currently resides in Elkin, NC, a small town that does not have a USTA League Tennis program. According to Janet, tennis activities in the area have faded through the years, but that has only motivated her to work harder to grow the sport. Her main focus is "getting folks back into tennis," pulling in those who used to play, and encouraging those who have never played to grab a racket.

Janet promotes a variety of programs that cater to differing tennis skill levels. Here are a few of the programs she is currently involved with:

  • Volunteering with the Elkin High School girls' tennis team
  • Organizing tennis Play Days/Nights for kids and adults
  • Organizing a weekly beginners tennis group on Tuesday nights
  • Volunteering at USTA North Carolina Clinics during the Winston-Salem Open
  • Organizing travel tennis teams to play in other areas
    • Junior players to Tanglewood one Saturday a month
    • Try Tennis group in Tanglewood
    • Thursday day group, 4.5/5.0 level players

However, Janet is most proud of her Thursday night Doubles/Mixed Doubles group. People register for a four week session, paying $10 to cover tennis ball costs and light fees. Each week, Janet reserves eight courts and prepares a balanced line up of matches. Currently, 44 people are registered for this group.

No matter the age, gender, or skill level of the player, Janet works hard to ensure they have an opportunity to play tennis. We cannot thank her enough for her continual support!