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North Carolina Tennis History Book

"Celebrating Our History"

By Tim Noonan

  • Where was the first tennis court in North Carolina?
  • Who won seven state men’s tennis championships with three different partners?
  • What has brought thousands of new players into the game of tennis in the last 20 years?

Tennis in North Carolina: Celebrating our History, the long-awaited, richly illustrated history of tennis in North Carolina, is now available to answer these questions and hundreds more. Published in honor of the North Carolina Tennis Foundation’s 50th anniversary, Tennis in North Carolina tells the story of the game in the Old North State from the earliest sand courts of the late 19th century to the busiest league action of the 21st.

Historic images have been drawn from archives all over the state, and the narrative follows the great players from three different centuries, the growth of tournaments in the early 20th century; the founding of the North Carolina Tennis Association and the North Carolina Tennis Foundation; the spectacular growth of the game in the 1970s; the flowering of junior programs, ratings systems, and age divisions; and the invention and growth of league play over the past 20 years. Every great player to come out of North Carolina – and many greats who passed through – can be found in its pages, and with an extensive appendix, it is also a compendium of over a century of tennis information.

Written by former touring pro and long-time North Carolinian Tim Noonan and published  by Heritage Histories of Chapel Hill, Tennis in North Carolina is designed as a compelling story to read from beginning to end, or a coffee table book to enjoy leafing through time and again.   A great gift for every North Carolina tennis player, Tennis in North Carolina: Celebrating our History is now available at tennis shops throughout the state or by contacting The North Carolina Tennis Foundation.

To order your copy of Tennis in North Carolina please fill out our ORDER FORM. The price for this book is only $39.95 plus tax (6.75%), so get your copy today!

*Buy One Get One Free for a limited time.  You must order directly through USTA North Carolina to receive the promotional discount.  Promotion not valid at tennis proshops around North Carolina.*



SECTION 1 | Tennis Comes to North Carolina [1884-1960] | PREVIEW
SECTION 2 | Growing the Game [1961-1977] | PREVIEW
SECTION 3 | Democratization of the Game [1977-1995] | PREVIEW
SECTION 4 | Tennis Everywhere [1995-2012] | PREVIEW
SECTION 5 | Appendix | PREVIEW
SECTION 6 | Index