NTRP Ratings


  • Any player who is 60 years of age or older prior to, or during, the calendar year in which such player plays his/her first local league match and has achieved the same rating level or lower for the three prior years, without benefit of appeal, will be granted an appeal if they are promoted at year-end.
  • Players who play exclusively in the Mixed Doubles Division, receive a Mixed Exclusive Rating, and choose to participate in the Adult, Senior, and/or Super Senior Divisions the next year must enter those divisions by self-rating with the minimum rating being the higher of the self-rating or mixed exclusive rating.
  • No one is to appeal a rating for another player without consent of that player. A grievance can be filed and penalties may include suspension from league play.
  • Players who received a Benchmark Rating from State, Sectional, or National Championship play will not be able to appeal their rating for 1 year. Benchmarks will not be published on TennisLink.

To find your current NTRP Rating, please visit: Find Your Rating

Appeal Instructions: NTRP Computer Ratings are automated. To appeal your rating click on "Find Your Rating."  You must enter your USTA NUMBER to appeal your rating (do not simply type in your name). Click "Appeal Rating" and follow form instructions.

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