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About Community Tennis

Need Funding? Resources? Advice on Growing USA Tennis Programs? Training and Educational Workshops? Support and Promotional Materials? Affiliation with a National Organization? A USTA Registered Community Tennis Association can receive all of these benefits…and more!

A USTA Community Tennis Association (CTA) is "any incorporated, geographically defined, not-for-profit, volunteer-based tennis organization that supports or provides programs which promote and develop the growth of tennis." In essence, a CTA is a tennis-specific service organization. It is an organized group of dedicated volunteers and professionals who come together to support community tennis programs. As an association, the group works to coordinate and maintain programs and services, and guarantees they are open and accessible to all. Fueled by local volunteers, this not-for-profit association exists to promote and develop the game of tennis in the community. 

North Carolina Tennis Association (NCTA) staff members are available to speak to those communities interested in forming or jump-starting a CTA. In addition, the NCTA can provide free workshops to help your CTA get off on the right foot and guide you through the development stages. A Community Development (CD) Workshop is held each year, which covers various topics such as: Grant Writing, Board Development, USA Tennis Programs, Fundraising, and Recruiting and Retaining Volunteers to name a few.

The ultimate goal is to have all tennis in a community touch the local Community Tennis Association-thus, truly making it the nucleus of tennis in a community. By providing a united front, all of the different entities in a community come together as one voice for the growth and development of community wide tennis and have the backing of a national organization.

If you are unsure of a contact for your local CTA or are interested in forming a CTA, contact Amy Franklin in the NCTA office at (704) 708-8311 or via e-mail at amy@nctennis.com. You may also download a printable version of the "USTA Guide for Community Tennis Associations." Please note that this is a 90 page PDF file (2MB) which may take as long as 5 minutes to download if you are on a dial-up connection.