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NC State Closed Even champions

Over 60 players competed in the NC State Closed (Even Years) Championships this year in Asheville. Asheville Racquet Club South hosted the 2015 tournament from Sept. 3-6.

The champions from the State Closed Even are listed below. To find full results, click here. If you're looking to play in another State Closed, there are still two more remaining on the schedule for 2015. You can find details about those tournaments here

Men's 40s singles - Hugh Grey
Men's 50s singles - Leslie McIver
Men's 60s singles - Michael Martin
Men's 70s singles - Richard Shipman
Men's 80s singles - Albert Griffin
Men's 40s doubles -
Leslie McIver/Phil Payne
Men's 60s doubles -
Michael Martin/Junior Luffman
Mixed 70s doubles -
Dottie Mattern/Willis Anderson
Men's sportsmanship - Leslie McIver
Women's sportsmanship - Dottie Mattern