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Widen the Base Grant

In an effort to continue to reach out to new players/potential players, USTA North Carolina is offering the “Widen the Base” grant. It is for CTA’s and agencies to apply for in order to do the work they need to do this year. No grant will be given to an individual, but will be given to an organization, preferably one that is a 501C3. 

Grant Considerations

  • This is solely to find NEW players
  • This is for a NEW plan not one that you already have in place
  • Applications may be made by CTA’s or agencies. No individuals.
  • We are in hopes that this can be completed in this calendar year.
  • Grants are no more than $5000 with partial payout as results indicate
  • Be very descriptive on your form as to your plan and timetable of that plan

Any questions, please email kelly@nctennis.com

Click here to access the 2017 grant form