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The 2016 USTA North Carolina yearbook is here! You can now view the 68-page online edition.

USTA North Carolina is in its seventh year of providing a digital yearbook to our members. Utilizing a digital resource has helped reduce our environmental footprint and makes the yearbook available in an easy to use online format. It looks just like the print publication, only with incredible interactivity. For instance, any time a website or email address is listed, all the reader has to do is click on the website and go directly to the webpage, or click on the email address and an email prompt pops up.

Still want a hard copy of the yearbook? We will have a limited supply of professionally bound print copies, available for $5/each by request only. Send a check made payable to NC Tennis Association to the following address:

USTA North Carolina
Attn: Yearbook Editor
2709 Henry Street
Greensboro, NC 27405

Once we have received your check, we will mail the requested number of yearbooks to you.