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Interview with NC State's 2021-2022 Tennis On Campus President & VP

Learn how USTA's TOC Club of the Year tackled Nationals, prioritizes team culture, and highlights community outreach!

Click below to listen to their interview!

Adam Goers, President, and Henry Kelso, VP, sat down via Zoom with USTA North Carolina's Nick Baxendell on the heels of their trip to the Tennis On Campus National Championship at USTA's National Campus in Orlando, Florida.

Adam and Henry both had a passion for tennis before joining NC State's TOC team, and their love for the game only grew once they joined the team. According to Henry, the ability to have laidback, fun practices but still be nationally competitive is a huge draw. And, with over 100 club members, the sense of community is strong (and there's always someone to rally with)!

They faced setbacks due to COVID-19, but the NC State TOC community has bounced back stronger than ever, and even had their largest tryout in the organization's history. Adam mentioned that there is an exciting energy about the team now, and it's clear that the social aspect of their team is a major draw to new recruits.

However, their efforts go beyond building a cohesive, nationally-competitive team. Adam, Henry, and the rest of the team have spread passion for tennis throughout the community while building a one-of-a-kind, contagious atmosphere. They have partnered with the Raleigh Tennis Association (RTA) to grow tennis in the younger generation, and have developed an organized hitting partner list for students at NC State.

By leveraging their community partnerships and working tirelessly to provide opportunities for tennis growth, charity, and leadership, they are in a league of their own. It's rare to find a club that offers so much to their members and to the community, but that's what makes the Wolfpack special.

Check out their Instagram page (@ncsuclubtennis) to keep up with the team!

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