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Junior Tournaments

  • Current USTA Rules and Regulations
    To view The Code: The Players' Guide to Fair Play and the Unwritten Rules of Tennis, please click here.
  • Non- Ranked 10 & Under Tennis Activity PlayTracker
    Learn more about the Activity PlayTracker, including play points and win points.
  • Questions about the PlayTracker?
    Still have questions about PlayTracker? Read the PlayTracker FAQ page.
  • Pre-Tournament Info/Q&A
    Click here to access the USTA NC Pre-Tournament Info/Q&A PowerPoint.
  • How do I choose the right level of competition?
    Use this link to calculate the correct Ranked Tournament for you.
  • National Guidance on Playing in Ranked Tennis
    When you’re ready to play in ranked competitive tennis, USTA Junior Tournaments are a great way to get out on the court and test your game. You’ll have every opportunity to learn from the best, play against the best – and even make new friends along the way. By participating in USTA Junior Tournaments, you’ll have a better chance to take your game as far as you want – high school, college or even the pros. Click here for national guidance on playing in ranked competitive tennis.
  • View Current Junior Standings
    To view current junior standings, please visit this website.
  • Junior Tournament Ranking System
    Calculating your ranking may be difficult, click here to view the USTA system of ranking.

Here's an about page for everything related to Junior tennis tournaments.

Junior Tournament Schedule

USTA Junior Tournament search for all levels and any program. Includes tournament news and updates.

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