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Tennis Professional - Hope Valley Country Club

The Racquet Professional is responsible for providing an excellent racquet experience to all members and guests via on-court instruction, hospitality, innovative programming, embracing all skill levels, timely communication, and promotion of the club’s offerings. He or she manages his or her individual racquet lessons and participates as an instructor of the club’s group programming.  Racquet professionals are included in developing and setting programs in collaboration with the Director and other pros.  Racquet professionals are also expected to monitor court usage and booking, maintenance of courts and all racquet facilities and monitoring and enforcing the club’s rules.  This position reports to the Director of Racquet Sports.



  • Memorize and live by Bobby Jones Links’ Core Purpose and Core Values.

  • Know Bobby Jones Links’ 17 Service Standards. These are the rules by which we serve.

  • Always have your Bobby Jones Links Associate Card with you. It is part of your uniform.

  • Abide by the employment rules in Bobby Jones Links Associate Handbook.



  • Learns thoroughly the policies and procedures in Carpe Diem and manages the activities department according to these important Bobby Jones Links guidelines.

  • Ensures the racquet areas’ presentation and appearance is always clean, pleasing to the eye, and impeccable in its presentation, following the guidelines as set forth and measured in the Bobby Jones Links Operational Audit.

  • Provides beginning through advanced instruction (private and group) for all levels of

  • players.

  • Initiates, directs and promotes racquet clinics, special events and programs in an effort to

  • attract and maintain members’ racquet interests and satisfaction.

  • Supervises all racquet play and proper charging of fees, and rental of equipment. Monitors court usage including special events, clinics and lessons

  • Ensures proper inspection of the courts/facilities on a daily basis and ascertain that all necessary maintenance has been performed and the courts are in a safe working order. Keeps in close contact with maintenance associate(s) to ensure proper service of courts.

  • Works cooperatively with other departments to ensure communication and develop combined programs for the membership.

  • Assist in preparation of information for emails and flyers in a timely manner and submits to the club’s Event Coordinator to distribute via the club’s email list and printed copies throughout the club.

  • Gathers data and pictures for the club newsletter.

  • Assists in planning of all special event menus with the club’s Food and Beverage Director.

  • Enforces all club rules and regulations governing the use of the club/facility, its

  • equipment and other property.

  • Ensures all members and guests receive the highest level of service.

  • Follows and implements the management directives, programs, and policies sent to the club by Bobby Jones Links.

  • Practices management by walking around – touring the grounds daily to ensure it is operating according to Bobby Jones Links standards.

  • Incorporates safe work practices.


  • The ability to lead people and build cohesive teams working toward a common goal.

  • The ability to provide exemplary member and customer service.

  • The ability to get along with people.

  • The ability to proficiently use Excel, Word, and club point of sales systems.

  • The ability to develop and manage budgets and other financial worksheets in detail.

  • The ability to read and understand financial statements including balance sheets and income statements.

  • The endurance and commitment to work the long hours (minimum 50 hours per week) and weekend work that the club business requires.

  • Must be creative.

  • Must be able to ‘put on a great show’ for the membership while making a profit during all events

Hope Valley Country Club offers a great working environment and competitive benefits. For more information about becoming part of the HVCC team, please contact

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