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Classroom Resources

Take advantage of school and classroom resources that promote tennis in education. USTA North Carolina's mission is to promote and develop the game of tennis in North Carolina. Education is an important part of that.

No tennis courts? No problem! NC Tennis will come to you to provide a FREE training workshop to your PE teachers and staff on how to conduct tennis activities for grades K-12. Whether you have tennis courts, a gym, parking lot, auditorium, or space in a classroom, tennis can be played anywhere! If you’re interested in bringing USTA NC to your area for a training, complete this interest form.

Net Generation

Register your PE class on and connect with a school partner to receive FREE youth tennis equipment and curricula for your school. Co-created by the USTA and the Society of Health and Physical Educators (SHAPE) America, the K-12 curricula and teaching resources were developed with PE classes and teachers in mind, regardless of experience.
Learn more about Net Generation.
Learn more about registering a PE class with this step-by-step document.


There are grant opportunities available that schools can take advantage of to fun equipment and programming. 
Apply for a Youth Equipment Grant.
Apply for a High School Team Grant.


School & Classroom Resources 
At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, USTA North Carolina worked to compile numerous resources that promote tennis in education. The resources below provide opportunities to incorporate tennis across all a
reas of study.

There are many avenues to become involved with tennis beyond the classroom. Learn more about programming that may be best for your students (or teachers!) below.

Try Tennis is an instructional tennis program for adult and junior beginners. The goal of this program is to attract individuals who have never played tennis before or haven't picked up a racket in years! Once on the court, a tennis pro or an instructor will help you learn enough basic skills to play a beginner match. Let us help you "Go From Couch to Court in Six Hours."

Junior Team Tennis
Junior Team Tennis brings together boys and girls, ages 6 to 18, to play singles, doubles and mixed doubles against other coed teams. Beyond being fun and a great form of exercise, Junior Team Tennis is a competitive, level-based environment that promotes individual growth, social growth and life skills.

Adult Tennis
There are multiple tennis opportunities for parents and teachers, along with other adults in your life, to play tennis. 
Some of these opportunities include USTA League Tennis, Adult Tournaments, Y'ALL League (30 & Under League), and the Fireball Bar League.


Want to learn more about the resources offered to schools or have questions about how to get started? Contact Robert Hogewood at

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