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USTA Officials

USTA Officiating

Give back and help grow the game of tennis through Officiating. 


Officials play an integral role at tournaments of all levels, from local community events to professional matches, focusing on fair play and sportsmanship. Give back to the game of tennis by becoming a USTA Certified Official.

Our Vision

To create the ultimate tennis experience through best-in-class officiating.

Our Mission

To provide an inclusive experience that inspires Officials to develop and grow tennis for all Americans.

Get Started

Below are the steps to get certified as a USTA Official:  

1. Create an account on OfficialsFirst, the USTA Officiating Database.  

2. Complete the Introduction to Officiating, Rules and Regulations, and Level 1 Roving Umpire, and Level 2 Roving Umpire courses.  Click here to access these courses.

3. Be in compliance with the USTA Safe Play Program. To get started, go to and click on “Get Safe Play Approved."  Log into your USTA account or create an account with the same email address that the Officiating Department has on file for you. The three steps you must complete are the annual SafeSport training, review and accept the USTA Safe Play Policy, and complete the background screen application.    

4. Be a USTA member. (To become a member: click here)  

5. Submit to the USTA  a physician's or optometrist's statement attesting that the official has 20/20 vision, either corrected or uncorrected in each eye. The Vision Form can be downloaded on OfficialsFirst and then uploaded to your account once completed. Please note that the Vision Form must be dated within the past 12 months.  

6. Contact your Section Chairperson to set up two days of on-court training/shadowing. After the two days, you will show your knowledge of basic themes described in the training checklist (PDF) with the Section Chairperson. Following the approval from your Section Chairperson, Foundation 2 Certification will be added to your OfficialsFirst account and you will gain access to events on OfficialsFirst.

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