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Team NC


CLICK to learn more about Orange and Green 10U Camps

CLICK to learn more about 12U - 18U Southern Cup Training Camps

Team NC  is a comprehensive plan to attract players from the 10-18s and offer training opportunities throughout their junior tennis career in North Carolina. The priority of Team NC will is to build a base of players in the younger age groups and make a positive impact on their competitive training in these formative years.  Team NC endeavors to build a “team first” approach to the program by highlighting playing opportunities that represent North Carolina in team events. Each level of Team NC will be represented by a colored bag tag for players to display as they travel around the state to events. The hope is that this program will be a living, breathing program that will grow and change to continue to meet the needs of our junior player population and positively represent their state.

Most players who have been considered for training camps in the past have a minimum standing of top 20 in North Carolina in their age division at the time of selection. The selection committee will look at a combination of state, southern, and national standings for selection into each training camp and any other information available to them. Camps will have no more than 32 players total (boys and girls) in each camp.



The USTA North Carolina Tennis Association values and encourages team representation at all levels.  The Southern Junior Cup is arguably our most competitive junior team event as it brings our top-ranked players together as a team of one, to compete together in representation of being the best team in our state. This event highlights teamwork and sportsmanship and is an opportunity for our players and their families to experience the team atmosphere as they may likely experience collegiately.

Each fall the USTA SOUTHERN SECTION hosts the Southern Junior Cup (September 13-16, 2018) for boys and girls at one central location. Each USTA Southern Section state sends a team composed of 6 participants, 3 girls and 3 boys, for each age division, 14s, 16s, and 18s. Each state competes against the other 8 states with each age division playing 3 singles and 2 doubles, one of which is mixed. The total team score is kept to determine a sectional winner. The USTA NORTH CAROLINA sends its state team with at least two coaches.

A 12 and under team competition is held at a different date and location from the 14s-18s Southern Junior Cup (September 6-9, 2018). Each of the nine states in the Southern Section sends 3 boys and 3 girls. Players are selected by the USTA North Carolina Tennis Association Selection Committee and placed on teams by the waterfall rankings from the USTA Southern Section. Each state selects one coach to participate.

12-14s Team NC Training Camp

Eligible participants must be willing to compete if selected in Southern Cup for North Carolina, and have 6 or less suspension points.

Team NC State Summer Training Camp (Week before Southern Summer Closed) June 2-3, 2018 at the Cary Tennis Park.

·               Top 6 - 14 & under Boys

·               Top 6 - 14 & under Girls

·               Top 10 - 12 & under Boys

·               Top 10 - 12 & under Girls

·               Begin at 11 am Saturday & finish at 2 pm on Sunday

·               Provide both lunches on site and Team Dinner on Saturday night

·               Participant fee $50.00

2018 Team NC 12-14s State Training Camp
Registration ID #700142418  
June 2-3, 2018
Cary Tennis Park
Cary, NC

2018 Team NC 14s-18s State Training Camp
Registration ID #700142918

August 25-26, 2018
Wake Forest University—Indoor
& Hanes Park
Winston-Salem, NC

14-18s Team NC Training Camp

Eligible participants must have registered and be willing to compete if selected in Southern Cup for

North Carolina, and have 6 or less suspension points.

Team NC State Training Camp (August 25-26, 2018 in Winston-Salem)

·               Top 4 - 18 & under Boys

·               Top 4 - 18 & under Girls

·               Top 6 - 16 & under Boys

·               Top 6 - 16 & under Girls

·               Top 6 - 14 & under Boys

·               Top 6 - 14 & under Girls

·               Begin at 11 am Saturday & finish at 2 pm on Sunday

·               Provide both lunches on site and Team Breakfast on Sunday morning

·               Participant fee $50.00


The USTA North Carolina Junior Selection Committee has the authority to invite players (both 12-14s and 14s-18s teams) that will best represent North Carolina. Many factors, including attitude and sportsmanship, enter into the decision of the selection committee. The committee will look at the most recent State, Southern, and National Standings for selections and any other information available to them. A strong emphasis is placed on high sectional/national standing. Players who attend the state camp will be considered for Southern Jr. Cup (*exceptions may be made in rare instances by the Selection Committee if deemed necessary but must be submitted in writing). Selections will be made at the end of August by the North Carolina Selection Committee for both 12 & Under NC Southern Jr. Cup Team and 14-18 Southern Jr Cup Team. The Selection Committee reserves the right to move players to a different age division in order to field the strongest, most competitive Southern Cup team possible if the player in question is age eligible.


Our USTA North Carolina Team Events are coached by experienced and certified teaching professionals (USPTA/USPTR) and are USTA Net Generation Registered and Safe Play Approved.  Coaches interested in being considered are encouraged to complete this short Coaching Interest Form to USTA North Carolina.


January, 2017, the USTA SOUTHERN section adopted the Youth Tennis Progression, which is designed to create an enhanced experience for children starting tennis and playing in junior tennis tournaments. The goal is to ensure that young players ages 7-10 years old are competing at appropriate levels as they progress through competitive stages based on age, participation and achievement. Our system will track the progress of junior players as they advance from Orange Level 2 to Orange Level 1 to Green Level 1 and then to the yellow-level junior/youth competition. (Levels are determined by the type of ball the player is using.) This system serves as a guide for coaches, parents and players to help ensure that kids 10 and under participate in events using the appropriate ball and court for their skill level. 

In order to enhance camp accessibility to our 10U players in North Carolina, we have created USTA-sponsored instructional camps throughout the state.  Our intention is to minimize travel to the appropriate camps, utilize local qualified coaches, and create a positive team atmosphere with each camp opportunity. Players will earn (3) participation stars at their current level of the Youth Progression.

Selections into the camp will be based on a combination of 10U standings and progression achievements as deemed appropriate by USTA North Carolina and respective TeamNC and Selection Committees. 

2018 Offering of USTA North Carolina Orange and Green Level EDC Camps:


Asheville, NC          Register: ID 700132618
Asheville Racquet Club-South
Team NC 10U Orange Level 1 & 2

April 21, 2018 
Time:  1:00pm-4:00pm

Wilmington, NC      Register: ID 700131818
Country Club  of Land Fall
Team NC 10U Orange Level 1 & 2

May 12, 2018 
Time:  1:00pm-4:00pm

Cary Tennis Park—For NJTL participants

September 8, 2018

Time: 1:00pm-4:00pm
Registration through NJTL
Contact: Andrew@nctennis.com

Greensboro, NC      Register:  ID 700134018
Starmount Forest Country Club
Team NC 10U Orange Level 1 & 2

JTT Focused play
November  17, 2018
Time:  1:00pm-4:00p


Charlotte, NC               Register: ID 700134118
Life Time Fitness Club
Team NC 10U Green Level 1

July 1, 2018
Time:  9am-12noon

Greensboro, NC           Register:  ID 700134218
Lake Jeanette Swim & Tennis Club
Team NC 10U Green Level 1

October 13, 2018
Time:  1:30pm-4:30pm

Winston-Salem, NC     Register:  ID 700134418
Wake Forest University-Indoor
Team NC 10U Advanced Green Level 1

December 8, 2018

Time: 1pm-4:30pm