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Bar League

Come one, come all! You can now play tennis at your local watering hole, or on a shorter court.

Bar League is a fun, social tennis league for adults to start or continue playing tennis. This league is all about having fun, making new friends, and improving your tennis game while you’re at it! It does not matter how good you “think” you are. This is a league for all skill levels where you get to use a shorter court, low compression balls, and can play co-ed doubles with all of your friends. Contact your local coordinator below to register for the next season.

Registration includes a 4-8 week season and lots of fun. Each location has their own twist on what else they may provide such as t-shirts or even tickets to the Winston Salem Open.

Contact Information

Lake Norman - Bar League: Serve Aces

Amy Brandon -

Winston Salem - Bar League: 10s on Tap

Caroline Downs - 

Greensboro- Aces and Ales- Bar League (click for more info)

Susan Brodeur -

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