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What is the Tarheel Trail?

The Tarheel Trail is simply all the sanctioned Adult NTRP Tournaments in the State of NC where players can earn points to go towards their ranking to try and qualify for the NTRP National Championship. In North Carolina, we currently have Level 4 all the way to Level 7 tournaments players can play in.

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How would I qualify for the NTRP National Championship?

You can work towards qualifying for the NTRP National Championship by competing and earning ranking points in Adult Tournaments! The Southern section (North Carolina is in the Southern section) has 4 bids and will be given to the top 4 players/teams from the Southern section based off of the most recently published National Standings List prior to the registration closing for the NTRP National Championship.

So, if you have a high Southern ranking and would like to play in the NTRP National Championship, make sure to sign up as that is how you would be considered for selection! 

Click here for more information on that!

How is my ranking calculated?

Your ranking is calculated by the accumulation of points that you have won by competing at different tournaments. Your ranking on the National Standings List (NSL) is based upon your TOP 6 tournaments (the tournaments that you earned the most points) during the previous 12-month rolling period.​

What are the NTRP National Championships and What Skill Levels are Offered?

You can click here to visit the USTA page that gives more information on NTRP Nationals including: when they are, the levels, the format, etc.

Currently, the levels offered are:

  • 18 & Over: 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, 5.0 (for Men's and Women's Singles/Doubles and for Mixed Doubles)

  • 40 & Over: 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5 (for Men's and Women's Singles and Doubles)

  • 55 & Over: 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5 (for Men's and Women's Singles and Doubles)

What Do All the Different Tournament Levels Mean?

The different levels really just relate to how long the tournament can be, the draw formats available for the TD to choose from, the scoring formats the TD can choose from, and the amount of points available for the winner. The higher the level of tournament, the more points there are available.

If I Were to Play an 18 & Over Event, Would That Also Give Me A Point That Goes Towards My 55 & Over Ranking?

NO. The points earned are specific to the division you play. So if you play 18 & Over and 55 & Over events throughout the year that would go towards two different rankings. One for 18 & Over and one for 55 & Over.

What's the difference between Sanctioned, Unsanctioned, and WTN Tournaments?

  • Sanctioned - These are events that have to go by the USTA Adult Tournament Rules and Regulations. These are the only tournament that would count towards a players National Standings List Ranking


  • Unsanctioned - These are events that do not have to go by the USTA Adult Tournament Rules and Regulations. These tournaments would not count towards a players National Standings List Ranking


  • WTN - These events are new and are similar to unsanctioned tournaments in a way. These tournaments will not go towards a players National Standings List Ranking. Most Adult Tournaments in NC have NTRP divisions, but WTN tournaments typically start with a broad range and have participants sign up all under one division (i.e. Men's Doubles, Women's Doubles etc.). After registration closes, the TD then sits down and separates the players into different draws with the other players around their skill level. This is designed to try and give players multiple matches against players that are similar in skill level.

Becoming a Trail Blazer

Our "Becoming a Trail Blazer" program is an incentive and rewards program to encourage and reward players who play several tournaments per year. To become a Trail Blazer, one must compete in the following during the calendar year:

  • Level 4 Tournaments - 1

  • Level 5 Tournaments - 1

  • Level 6 Tournaments - 3 (*if you participate in more than 1 L5 or L4 tournament, one of those can count towards an L6 allotment)

  • Level 7 Tournaments - 1 (or an additional Level 6)

*Trail Blazers will receive a free gift and can CLICK HERE to submit a form to redeem their gift.

Becoming a Trail Buddy

It is always more fun to travel and compete when you bring your friends along! Our "Becoming a Trail Buddy" program is a referral program that encourages players to invite their friends who have not played in a sanctioned USTA Adult Tournament within the past 2 years (did not play 2022 or 2023).


If you recruit and are able to get 5 NEW adult players to play in a tournament we will send you a Tarheel Trail pin! AND you can be reimbursed for a single entry fee for a tournament (up to $50).

CLICK HERE to submit a form to redeem your gift and reimbursement. 

*Players can only be claimed on someone's referral once. For example, if I were to recruit my friend Jimmy to play in a tournament and Jimmy is also friends with Thomas, Thomas can not also claim Jimmy as someone he has recruited.

Trail Blazer/Buddy
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